Zoo berries

Zoo berries strikes a fine balance between contemporary loop based grooves and intricate long form songs while bringing in the livelihood and dynamic of improvisation. With a bass player at the driver's seat, Zoo Berries cruises with ease through the groove, paying a tribute to vintage RnB and Soul with a pinch of millennial lyricism and a healthy dose of burning solos. Based in New York City Zoo Berries is the latest addition to Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Records with a new EP recorded and filmed live. 
Zoo Berries are: Ayal Tsubery (Bass) Peter Kronrief (Drums) Nadav Peled (Guitar) Hailey Nisewanger (Saxophone) Daniel Meron (Piano/Keys)

Strong debut from bassist Tsubery, who shows an ability to shape a strong melody
— Wondering sounds: New Jazz this week / Dave Summer
An album that grabbed me with the opening notes and never really let go
— Wondering sounds: New Jazz this week / Dave Summer

Debut album coming out