RUBYCON is a genre bonding, Brooklyn based electro art rock ensemble, employing synths, strings, and melodic falsetto vocals to deliver witty lyrics over a bed of bouncy beats. Their music morphs from tropical sci-fi to gothic futurism, sparking revolution in the hearts of audiences exploring gender, sex, morality and the human spirit. The shows are playful, shamanic experiences wild enough to make wallflowers dance, so dress to revel.

Vibrant colors swirl and swarm as emotions fly higher than high on Rubycon’s vivid new music video ‘Buku Love.’ A dynamic burst of lively visuals mesmerizes the eyes as warm electro-pop dazzles the ears, inviting us to bask in the untamed exploration that is Rubycon
— Mitch Mosk, Atwood Magazine
to listen to buku love is to be transported to a place not completely tethered to reality; it’s more like a room hidden deep in my brain that’s filled with stimulants, and I want to hang out in it for a very long time.
— Natalie Rinn, Brooklyn Magazine