Jonathan Greenstein

Inspired as much by Lester Young as he is by Robert Glasper, saxophonist / composer Jonathan Greenstein's soft voice is as passionate as it is emotional, as corporal as it is a dream.

Arriving at a distinctive sound that’s relevant to the wider music audience, Greenstein’s beat emphasizes song, lyricism and space. It is soulfully sophisticated, a sound between nostalgia and forward motion. For Greenstein, it’s bigger than Jazz, and he’s on a mission to bring the people with him.

Jonathan's new EP - Vol 2 is out now and made Spotify's "State of Jazz" playlist on its first weekend. With 4 originals and a cover of James Blake's "Retrograde", it offers a 20 minute poetic adventure filled with thought, emotion and inspiration.


It’s intelligent in its complexity... it’s intelligent in its accessibility
— Archaic Pop
A great saxophonist ... Contemporary jazz at its best
— Ruth Fisher, Notes & Tones