Éyal Hai

With more than 2M Spotify listeners, éyal hai’s debut album as a singer/producer is gaining some noticeable attention. The combination of raw, explicit lyrics, together with the colorful melodies and rhythms are what make the album Practicing Catharsis a powerful, emotional experience. The listener can find in the album many influences, such as American folk, electronic music, psychedelic rock, R&B, and Middle Eastern music. Started his career as a jazz saxophonist; éyal has been playing with some of the most acclaimed musicians from a young age., such as Pianist Danilo Pérez and Cuban Singer Maria Mulata.   In 2014 éyal started the label Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit lunching both his own album as a songwriter/producer (eyalhai.com), and The Side Project’s album, A funky saxophone quartet that’s playing jazzy covers for pop songs. 


It’s refreshing to see how the worlds of alternative rock, jazz, electronic music, and artsy video production collide
— Stage Buddy Magazine, Andrew Ansbach
sad songs that sound like happy songs
— Aaron Liao