daniel meron

A native of Israel, Daniel Meron succeeds in expressing the diversity of influences from his homeland in his music. Nourished by the tradition of jazz
improvisation, but recognizing the value of classical and folklore music, Daniel finds a way to feature his unique playing style in brilliant compositions that are both sophisticated and lyrical, communicating vivid stories and emotions to the listener.
After graduating from Berklee College of Music and moving to NYC, Daniel released his debut album Directions, which gained recognition and praise in the reviews of jazz magazines, radio programs around the world, and leading jazz musicians. The album features Daniel’s trio and quintet with 60 minutes of original music, revealing his distinctive voice both as a composer and an improviser.

Sky Begins has a distinctly caffeinated, almost rockish energy... Meron is a notably deft and engaging
— All About Jazz
Meron’s solos and accompaniment are a joy. There is a sense of composer and performers in fruitful synergy. Highly recommended
— The Jazz Breakfast